Used variables and variables library issue

Hi! We were separating out our variables to a global design system from the component library. We are having a issue with getting duplicates in our variables section. We have detached all the components before moving it into a new working file. The issue that we are seeing is in the new working file, we have “used variables” and the variables from our global design system. Is there a way to resolve this issue without going through each component in the new working file?
MicrosoftTeams-image (43)

Hope there is a eady way to resolve this!

I have the same problem, anyone know what’s going on? I looked through the whole project again to find any used variables from our team’s collection and there was nothing.

These plug-ins should be able to help -

Detaching your components does not unlink the variables in them, so they should still be referencing the variables from the “old” file.

Discovered today that Used variables were coming from those libraries turned on in the Team settings.

Try turning off the libraries in the Team settings and then see if you also notice a decrease / absence of Used variables.