Use percent for min and max width

So now we have min and max which is very nice. It could be pretty nice to be able to user percent instead of px now :slight_smile: .


Can you give me some example use cases when you would want to have min/max in percentages?

Hello Jacky,
Of course, the reason is simple: I would be interested to manage my different container and sub-container on a page using relative size to manage different list on the page.
This way it would be also possible to use a combo of “Fill” and a “relative size” with a min/max behavior.


Percentage values for (general / max / min) width and height would be awesome.


I’m also waiting for this feature, it’s much easier to manage the width of the columns with percentage values ​​rather than pixels and it allows you to give the size you want to each column in an auto-layout. (Like a 60/20/20, 70/30, and more…)

For example. in a table component when you need both responsiveness and to set an average size for a column, very useful combine to min-width :heart_eyes:


100% agree. I am so excited for these Figma updates, but I got a little bummed when I realized we couldn’t use percentages. A bulk of my day to day is designing UI for web based applications and so percentages are everywhere.


+1! this would be great for responsive forms


@JackieChui You asked for a concrete example… there we go:

I would like to set the max-width to 100% of the parents frame to avoid elements like buttons to overflow. This would allow to combine hugging with the benefits of fill-container if the content would exceed. Especially if the component got resized.



Thanks for the example!
Will share it with the team.


Percent based sizing is useful in general, not just for min/max width. It is one of the most common ways of sizing things when coding layouts. Relying on Fill width and pixel sizing just isn’t capable enough, especially when you want to handoff to devs and you want them to use percent based sizing.


I would also love to use percentages because of the way the auto layout wrap works. Because the min and max aren’t flexible, I now often have to use empty spacing layers to make sure everything wraps well. It would be way easier to way:

  • Min Width: 33%
  • Max Width: 50%

Now I often have to recalculate for different screen sizes.


Agree. Like others here I work on a web app with cards, tables, and other UI containers and elements that would benefit from percentages in Figma. Now I often have to draw fixed width drawings and math out the percentages – at least the width and height box make for quick math – but it is still a lot of work, especially if they change up at breakpoints. I can use fill on an auto layout for easy halves, thirds, quarters and other even layouts, but I find myself just always using even divisions to make my life easier in Figma when I should probably split containers by uneven percentages like 60/40 or 70/30.

For lists and table views, I usually create components for row-items in a list. Then I stack the list items vertically to make the list. When a list has multiple “columns”, you can set cell width using a fixed-width frame for each cell. That’s great for one page size but if I stretch the row-item horizontally, I want to control how cells in the row stretch. Some may need to remain fixed-width. Some will stretch to claim the extra available horizontal space.

If there’s only one cell in the list item that stretches horizontally, setting that one cell to “fill” works because it just claims all the horizontal space available to it.

But if you have multiple columns of different widths that need to stretch, the only option for stretching the cells is to set the auto-layout cell frame to “fill”, but that makes all cells resolve to the same width. I need them to fill the horizontal space up proportionately. Column A: 20%, Column B: 30%, Column C: 50%, for example.

It would be great if the widths of horizontal auto-layout frames inside another horizontal auto-layout frame could divide the horizontal space proportionally with percentage widths.

It’s a lot easier concept than it sounds. It seems like a basic need. Maybe I’m missing something in Figma. Maybe there’s another way to do what I’m looking for?

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Yes! I googled and landed here while working on table column widths :slight_smile:


Agreed, this seems like a very valid use case, and is needed for at least one component in my client’s library.

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Agreed, a while back I posted a similar request. See my post here:

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+1. Minimum character count.

+1 — would also absolutely love this feature. Working on a complex list component with optional status tags appended to each list item’s title, and a single hard pre-determined value maximum width is just not cutting it for my use case.

Any updates on this?

agree. very much needed for dealing with responsive divs. ie, two elements, one 70% one 30%. each should have a min/max.

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