Use "move out" when swapping overlay

I’m trying to design a modal overlay that’s supposed to have internal navigation. In the image below, I’d like the user to tap the “Japanese” row and navigate to the screen on the right, displaying details about this collection. But I also wanted the use to go back by pressing on the “back to collections” area. For some reason, Figma doesn’t allow the “move out” animation, but the “move in” works.


Hii! did you find out?

Hey All, sorry for the frustration!

Sadly, the function you’re inquiring about isn’t currently supported by our system. At this time, we can only support “Move In” when using Swap Overlay.

We appreciate the feedback regarding the “Move Out” transition when using Swap overlay. We’ve made a ‘Voice of the Customer’ submission for you, so that our Product and Research teams can take note of your concerns.

While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to work on it immediately, we’ve updated this topic into a feature request. We’ll pass your feedback onto the team and use Votes to gauge overall interest from the community.

Hi !! Thank you for your answer! It is good to know. I have to say, though, that I was able to use it a few days ago but when I tried to replicate it, I couldn’t do it anymore and in the frame in which I had been able to use it, it appeared grey (inactive state), as you can see in the image.
Thank you!

Thanks for flagging this!

The team may have already been looking into this capability when you stumbled upon it, but as mentioned, it hasn’t been fully developed just yet. Stay tuned!

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