Use Figjam and Figma in Split-View

I often use FigJam features for drawing out user flows on an abstract level during the production of a product. In our workflow we have a separate page for each major topic of our product in Figma, where we create our wireframes and designs.

My Proposal:

  1. Let us create FigJam-Boards that are linked to a specific page in a Figma file. I can for example open it from the right sidebar.
  2. Let us open these Figjam-Boards in a Split-View next to our Figma Artboard. This way we can simultaneously look at wireframes and create user flows or look at our user flows to build the wireframes after them.

This would increase the value and usp for FigJam immensly for me and make it more attractive than more mature solutions, like Miro.


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