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How do I upgrade from a new version of M3 Material design?

Hey there, we assume you’re referring to the Material Theme Builder M3 design kit for Figma?

Please reach out to material-theme-builder-support@google.com directly for help.

I’m talking about the Material 3 Design Kit. Ex: We are working with version 12.15.22 V1.6, and now we are going to update to version 05.09.23 V1.10, where several new components were added, and others were updated at the structure level. How do I get this in figma? Is there any command or process?

You should be able to just open the updated file in Figma: Material 3 Design Kit | Figma Community

If you have issues, you can reach out to their support here:

I think I am not being clear.
I’m currently working on a project based on the materia 3 design kit. As follows the example:

Now we have a new update of this file, as follows:

How do I update? By file, or by library, or by component?

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