Unexpected fill override when copy/paste component

  1. Create a new design file.
  2. Create a new color variable.
  3. Create a new frame.
  4. Set the variable color as a fill for this frame.
  5. Create a component from this frame.
  6. Create an instance using keyboard shortcuts CMD+C, CMD+V

An instance has a color override.
When changing the fill color in the component, changes don’t appear in the instance.

When copying a component with Option+Mouse click, there is no such override.


I have the same problem, the whole project got messed up because of this bug.


Hi all,
Thanks for flagging this! Our engineering team has been aware of this issue and confirmed that this should be resolved now.

If you are still running into issues, please reach out to the support team so we can investigate further: here

The problem is not solved. It exists in previously created files.
But it’s solved in the new files.

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Same here. It seems, not only fill settings get overrides, but stroke settings as well.
Please fix this.