UI Plagiarism issue

I found that a product called Qingtu copied the UI design of FigJam.

What Qingtu’s UI looks like:

It’s almost exactly the same, isn’t it?

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Lol they even copied @Rogie’s Org chart widget



i don’t think they copied the UI design of Figjam.

Well,that’s right, they also copied the UX design, not only the UI design.

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Wow, I didn’t notice that, those two are exactly the same! :rofl:

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I don’t get it. These alternatives inside the website you provided did not copy each other’s UI, even though some of their features are similar. I wonder what your definition of plagiarism is.

Let me be clear, you have only mentioned a single website for UI design, but I have shared my experience with alternative tools that work the same things, if you still not getting it, then I will explain more, but kindly now approved my comment.

Thanks for sharing, but what you mentioned is irrelevant to the issue. You’re talking about alternatives while I’m talking about plagiarism, which are two different things.

And what is the point of approving your comment? Your previous post was flagged by the community, not me.

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Shocking!! :woman_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

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