Touch Up + Touchy Down doesn't work on Figma iOS App prototype

Hi there. In my design I have an interaction that is 1) Touch Down → 2) Hold and move to desired selection → 3) Touch Up. It works flawlessly in Browser and Desktop app with mouse click, hold and release. As shown here:

Yes - it’s a WOTLK talent builder app

On the iOS Figma app though… It does not work, It does not recognize the touch up from the same finger that touched down. Meaning It’s devolved into tap-interactions.
Any fix?

I found one thread from '22 of this before, with no response - so im trying my luck again.


Hi @LPJC ,
Thanks for flagging this. We are not aware of this issue. Could you please reach out to the support team so they can investigate further? Fill form here:

Be sure to use your Figma include, provide a link to your file and share it with Thank you!

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