Top/Bottom flipped on certain components

Hi all,

I have had several odd behaviors over the last few weeks. Occasionally, certain components will get ‘flipped’ in the Figma UI. One of the most common ways that things are flipped is that the top/bottom strokes or padding will affect the opposite parameter. In this screenshot you can see that there is a stroke on the top of the list items, but the configuration shows that there is only a bottom border.

Very weird! As I mentioned, this happens with padding as well. Seems like a bug to me.

Thanks for your reply. Looking at the component in the inspector it shows correctly, at first. If I then view the other states in the playground it shows as flipped.

(Sorry for the huge image, I can only post one at a time)

This inspection flow is buggy behavior.

I’m also not sure how I could have intentionally flipped the frame, and then all flipped of the text components again to compensate for that and not realized it. This same component when used in vertically scrollable area has a reversed scroll - it scrolls to an empty area above rather than scrolling the overflow content on.

At the very least, there should be an easier way to debug flipped behavior - I’ve seen these issues stretching back years in searching for a solution here.

Note that in the main inspector, none of the other component states show as flipped, it’s only in the playground.

The problem can exist in one variant or in several. Currently, you can only find flipped objects using its coordinates (by default the X, Y coordinates should correspond to the point in the upper left corner of the object).

You may have copied an already flipped object. Or someone else used the flip function when creating this object.

I understand that this is undesirable behavior, but it is not a bug, but the user’s fault.

Fair enough - but I think this statement falls to the Figma team to decide. I would love to hear their perspective. You’ve answered dozens of these questions about the same unexpected behavior, to me that’s a good signal of a needed fix. :star_struck: