Vertical and horizontal resizing reversed?

I don’t know what’s happened to my controls all of a sudden, but whenever I type a number into the width box in the right panel, the height of the frame changes, and vice versa. When I type a number into the vertical padding box, the horizontal padding of the frame changes and vice versa. It’s an issue both in the browser version and desktop app. I think I might have accidentally pressed some weird keyboard shortcut but I’m not sure and I don’t know how to fix it

have u fix it?

Make sure your object is not rotated or flipped.

I have the same issue for 2 days now. Is there any fix for this?
@tank666 It’s definitely a bug, now it even places my components flipped when I drag them on a screen :frowning:

Check your main component. This “bug” only happens when something is rotated/flipped. Take a close look at the rotation values, object coordinates, and the transform CSS property in the Inspect panel.

You can also share a link to an example file here so anyone can help find the cause.

Thanks for your answer!
I started to build another component, again, from a horizontal text layer. I add auto layout and it reverses horizontal and vertical values, but on the canvas it looks the same. In CSS it appears with transform -90, but only after adding auto layout. I made screenshots of the CSS before and after shift+A.

With the previous component this was the same issue, but I went along with it because I have a deadline and thought it’s just a temporary thing, closed Figma (desktop version), restarted the PC, nothing made it go away. As soon as I add an auto layout, this happens. I don’t know how to resolve this, can anybody help please?

This happens because the main frame where you are creating an auto layout object is rotated.

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@Gleb so first I didn’t understand this because I didn’t rotate anything. Then I realized that I resized a huge frame to fit all components on it. It is now landscape and was portrait before. Wow.
2 days headache for a bad move. Thank you Gleb!

Kinda late to the conversation, but just wanted to follow up for anyone else also having the same issue and wants to avoid having it in the future.

There’s a setting under Figma/Settings/Flip Objects While Resizing
→ make sure this is unchecked

Note: you need to keep it checked while you are doing the fix described above, but after you are in a good spot, just turn the setting off.