Toggling a specific Layout Grid in the Inspector shouldn't Toggle ALL grids

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    When I use the :eye: icon to show or hide a Layout Grid, I believe this should only show or hide the Layout Grid on the selected Frame.

Currently it shows or hides Layout Grids globally (i.e. functions the same as CTRL + G) which I don’t feel is correct. In fact I think it’s a little limiting given you can have multiple Frames within a master Frame each with their own Layout Grid (the result is you have a lot of overlapping grids and it’s hard to distinguish one from another).

Personally I think the global control for showing and hiding Layout Grids (CTRL + G) is separate to showing and hiding individual Layout Grids.

For example, let’s say I have 3 x Layout Grids applied within a Frame and some nested Frames. And let’s call the Layout Grids: Grid A, Grid B and Grid C.

The first thing I want to be able to do is hide Grid A and Grid C and leave Grid B visible.

The second thing I expect is for the global control for Hide/Show Layout Grids to respect the selections above (almost like how Showing and Hiding Rulers respects the Rules I’ve already drawn).

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    Here’s a gif which sort of shows what I’m referring to:

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I have exactly the same problem. I cannot toggle individual grids. Hiding one in the inspector panel hides all.

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:+1: Our team is starting to work with grids but the way the toggle “works” (or I’d say “doesn’t work” as it seems more like a bug than a feature) and this is annoying.

Is there hidden functionality to allow grids to work in a way that makes sense? Why does toggling one frame turn EVERYTHING on?
If that’s an expectation it should be somewhere else, nothing else in Figma behaves this way. Turning on a fill for a frame doesn’t enable all hidden fills. Why do grids do this? :angry:

I experience this as well. It’s very frustrating.

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+1! Seems like a bug more than a feature!

Having a global on / off is great, but it should respect how they’ve been individually set on components.

Very irritating.

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