The scroll position is always being reset with "Reset scroll position" unchecked

After the recent state management update, I have noticed an issue. Whenever I perform ‘navigate to’ interaction to another page, the scrolling position is always reset, even though the “reset scrolling position” option is unchecked. However, in the older version where it was still “preserve scroll position,” the interaction worked perfectly fine. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


I have the same issue.

Figma updated the feature today, but i think that there might be a bug, my scroll position is never preserved now, also not by default.


i found the problem, the top level frame name should be identical with the target frame, otherwhise the preserve scroll won’t work


This solved it! :pray:

Identical as in “with the same name” though.

Is that really the intended behavior? Feels like a bug because, at least in my workflow, it’s completely normal to have each frame named differently (“before click”, “after click”) and still want to have the scroll position preserved.


u can still have different frame names on your flow, but now you need to add dash ‘/’

for example ‘main menu / before click’ and ‘main menu / after click’.

Those are considered identical because figma only read the frame name before dash ‘/’

that rule is also written on the documentation


Woot, that works!

Seriously had no idea about this. (But I’m a fresh XD refugee, so maybe that’s why…)

It is still without working. What can we do?


I was about to complain along with the original post, but as you mentioned adding the “name / subname” seems to work. Still, not intuitive at all. I can’t understand why complicate stuff that was already working for years.



Thanks! It works!!

Yup that works for me too, but I agree that it’s not very intuitive though.

The same naming niether works for me.

Got to admit that the “name / subname” fixes things. So in a particular flow I just adjust name to “1 / current frame name” to keep things simple and not having to throw away my naming system.