The grid system is not visible in dev mode

Is it possible to improve the part where engineers cannot see the grid system I used when the design is switched to the dev mode?


One of the most important things I want to see in dev mode.


Yep that should be included again ASAP


Hi, thank you for requesting this. It has been passed along to our engineering team.


It’s really uncomfortable. I don’t use only CSS flex, I use CSS grid a lot, and I tend to work in integration with layout grid. Please solve it quickly.

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@Mudi_Zheng … if you have the grid for page in Design mode active and switch to DEV mode, the devs will only see the grid, if he/she activates the grid view with “shift +G”

well it is more a work around :wink:

we also have the same issue - our devs need to have the same toggle as in design tab → so they also can see 12 colums (auto) settings - whenever there is no specific grid applied.

Today via this mentioned work-arround (Shift+G on mac) it is not possible to toggle this „12 columns (auto)“ grids that can be revealed with a hit an an eye-icon in Design Tab

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