The component overrides changing back to default, instead of honoring instance edits in prototype mode

Hi everyone,
In the design panel all my nav menu items have unique dropdowns, but in the prototype panel, the dropdowns are still the same as the main component :frowning_face:

When the state is open, it recognizes the new input, but when it’s closed in the design panel, when the menu item is hovered, it shows the parent component dropdown menu items. I can’t seem to figure out why. Any insight on a workaround would be appreciated. After reading other posts on the forum i noticed its a bug.

Video reference for the issue I am facing :point_up_2:t6:

Share a link of your design, From what I’m seeing, you need to use a different approach

Tiny details makes it a bug. I’m not facing this issue

Link shared

1- Your components does not have Text properties. First try that.
2- instead of instant use smart animate.
3- you activate 3 actions together ( Button Hover, Parent Opens mega menus , and click to the page)

Also when you leave the area of the button it will close menu box

I don’t like the approach, It works but not in the perfect prototype.

Here is what you can do:

If you want to keep current approach use text properties to se if works or not

If it doesn’t change your approach to the file I made for you, this is how I do it:

Play the file, See messages, notification and Arena to see what I have done and duplicate my approach:

I hope it helps.

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