Support native notifications on macOS

I suggest that the Figma desktop app for macOS supports native notifications.

Right now, there it adds a menu item where notifications are shown. This is a non-intuitive way to integrate the feature, creating a second place that I need to monitor. It is also superfluous, since there is a perfectly working feature already in place that any app can use.

Isn’t that what you want?

No, this is what is implemented right now, which is not the way notifications are usually done in macOS.

So Figma push notifications don’t show up in the notification center?

Exactly, they only show in the Figma menu item :frowning:

On Windows, push notifications arrive in the notification center but disappear almost immediately.

Have you tried updating the desktop app to the latest version and changing the push notification settings in your Figma account?

Yes. And there is no option to switch to the native macOS notification center.

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