Suddenly cannot get hyperlink data from TextNode

I have a plugin that gets a reference to a ComponentSetNode using figma.importComponentSetByKeyAsync(). It then iterates over the child ComponentNodes, locates various TextNodes within and tries to access the hyperlink property. This used to work, but as of a few days ago all I get is null. These are whole-node links, not ranges.

When I visit the page that contains the ComponentSetNode, everything looks correct. I can click the links and they work.

While debugging, I copied the ComponentSetNode and pasted it into a page in another file. Text styling was preserved on the pasted copy, but the hyperlink information is not present.

This is unlikely to be a new code issue because the published version of the plugin was working and then this happened.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The person who maintained the ComponentSet had done something and they were able to fix it.