Stupid default log in / register form

Hi, I don’t understand why by default is displayed register form not log in form. Many times I tried log in to Figma and it tried register me a new account.

Hey @Rafal4, already shows Sign in to Figma by default:

What are you experiencing/seeing on your end?

Hi. I usually go to my current project link and see the account creation form by default. It looks very similar to the login form. After filling out the form, I realized it was an account creation form. Of course, I would like to log in as soon as possible, and I have not read this text that it is an account creation form.

Thanks for the context! We tried logging out of both the app and in-browser to reproduce the behavior, and we see this:

When logged out, it’s assumed that you do not have an account, because
typically, users stay logged in for easy access to their project(s)/file(s). Ideally, this entire flow is bypassed, when already logged in.

We’ll pass this feedback along to the team for consideration, and change this topic back into a feature request, so we can gauge how much of the community is experiencing this issue.