Statuses besides "Ready for Dev"

I love the new “Ready for Dev” status option on Sections, but would love to add and use other statuses relevant to my process. For example, it’d be great to have a “Ready for Design Review” and “Ready for PM Review” statuses so that everyone knows where things are at.


Indeed, had the same thought the day after the release. “Ready for Dev” ist cool, why not extend it with other states like “Ready for Review” or even custom states. I would need it for internal design iterations but also for external communication with clients. Would really appreciate this :slight_smile:

Would also love to be able to mark something as “built on date X” to keep a record of what was built!

It would be super interesting to have custom states that could be applied at a Project/Team level!

Our main use-case is for “UX Copy Ready” - As we’re working with UX copy writer, it would be beneficial to know which screens have finalized copy (as a work around, we use a component with UX copy states (Awaiting writer → WIP → Ready).

It would be great to have a whole set of statuses here, like:

  • Rough work
  • Design work in progress
  • Copy work in progress
  • Ready for review
  • Ready for dev
  • Built
  • In production
  • Archived

Custom would be great too!