Statuses besides "Ready for Dev"

I love the new “Ready for Dev” status option on Sections, but would love to add and use other statuses relevant to my process. For example, it’d be great to have a “Ready for Design Review” and “Ready for PM Review” statuses so that everyone knows where things are at.


Indeed, had the same thought the day after the release. “Ready for Dev” ist cool, why not extend it with other states like “Ready for Review” or even custom states. I would need it for internal design iterations but also for external communication with clients. Would really appreciate this :slight_smile:

Would also love to be able to mark something as “built on date X” to keep a record of what was built!


It would be super interesting to have custom states that could be applied at a Project/Team level!

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I was thinking about the new feature “Ready for Dev” and I got an insight, could have an option to evolve the status from “ready” to “done”, by example. By this way would help dev on his planning.


I second this – would love to have the ability to mark sections with custom labels as well, even outside of just Dev Mode:

• Stakeholder Review / Approved
• Design Review / Approved



Yes ! Or even by frame ?
I would like to see:

Design category
In Progress

Dev category


Our main use-case is for “UX Copy Ready” - As we’re working with UX copy writer, it would be beneficial to know which screens have finalized copy (as a work around, we use a component with UX copy states (Awaiting writer → WIP → Ready).

The new feature to mark a section as ‘ready for development’ is FANTASTIC!

It would be great if I could also mark a section as ‘ready for review’. This will indicate to everyone on the file that the design is ready for feedback.
Section idea


It would be great to have a whole set of statuses here, like:

  • Rough work
  • Design work in progress
  • Copy work in progress
  • Ready for review
  • Ready for dev
  • Built
  • In production
  • Archived

Custom would be great too!

Currently there’s only “Ready for Dev”

Ready for Review would be good. Or the ability to add custom status’

Add me to the pile of folks that need this. I’m actually kinda curious how this isn’t on the roadmap yet. Currently it’s like a Trello or Kanban board with only 1 new column, with no ability to add or manage new columns. It would be so useful!

+1 - It can be very helpful to have this one.


Each team has their own design-> Review->Approval flow.
We have been constantly running into the wall when we want to pause the design for review and iteration but the only status that we can use is “Ready for Dev”

I rather propose, a couple of standard status { Draft/WIP, Ready for Review, Ready for Dev } and allow the teams to define their own set of stages/ status that they can use among their teams.

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When working on a design we mark the section, frame, etc as ready for dev. What if we had other modes? Let’s say something like approved, in progress, archived, etc.

For example, archived might not appear in dev mode, or In progress doesn’t show up in view-only mode.

This is something that might help people but I do understand that the idea has some holes in it.

I like that “in design phase” type level would not be visible for users with view only access.

Although at our team we have a lot of users (the whole company in fact) that has access to all files so they can look into our product and understand what is going on. Some of those users need to see files that are in development to contribute.

I imagine administrating who has what level access to what will be a nightmare if you get a new vertical for access.

Currently we have some files in secret teams until they are good to go to remove some of the friction from over invested probing eyes. Which works but makes it sometimes messy since we need to remember to move files around.

I understand our company is very open with the service we provide and what features we develop, so I appreciate this “everything is visible” approach might not work for all, however I feel there will be a lot of added friction when knowing who has access to what if a flag on the file also shows who can see it… You can set those permission under the “share” button on the file already btw.

You might be able to use tags in the version history for this!

All I want for Christmas is the ability to switch a design from “Ready for dev” to “Dev Complete” in Figma’s dev mode, and have it stay like that for as long as the designs in that frame are untouched + keep a snapshot of the version I marked as completed.


In the same way we can tag “Ready for dev”, it would be great to make it possible so we have a “Developed” tag.

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Added a request connected to this one.