Some color variables will not publish

I have a design library with multiple color variable. I’ve published all colors for our local team to use in their design files and for the longest time, all color variables were available for use inside these design files. But recently (past month or so) some colors are not appearing inside the design files. As in, they do not make themselves present during a Fill, Stroke, nor Text color selection effort. I also noticed I’m unable to nudge these variable (change color, name, etc) in order to trip the library into including them for publishing. It’s as if they don’t exist—even though they do in the library.

Column 1 Column 2
Primary-050 E6E9F5
Primary-100 C1C9E7
Primary-200 98A6D6
Primary-300 6E84C6
Primary-400 4C69BB
Primary-500 244FAF
Primary-600 1D47A6
Primary-700 103E9A
Primary-800 00358E
Primary-900 002379

Specifically, variables “Primary-050” through “Primary-300” are being ghosted (ignored) by Figma publishing. While “Primary-400” through “Primary-900” are fully recognized, will publish when modified, and appear in all design files. Also, none of these are selected to be hidden during publish.

What’s wrong? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’m going to try (frustrating as it may be) to delete and recreate these variables (050-300).

Oh my goodness! So embarrassing! These colors (050-300) were being hidden. I’ve now un-hidden and the changes are able to publish. For the first time ever, I noticed that I can click on the variable collection during the publish screen (I think you have to make an adjustment to the variable collection to make it present in the publish screen). This navigated me to a child view of the collection variables, and I was able to see the four colors in hidden status.

Hey @Cortney_Reber, glad to hear you figured out the hidden colors!

Please let us know if you run into any further issues.