SOLVED: Text within box not conforming to shape

I noticed my text/shape boxes are not working as well as they used to. Please notice how the text is display below the shape it is supposed to be within. I feel like this is a bug.


Same problem here, how do you solved it?


This is definitely a bug. I am encountering the exact same problem when duplicating or editing text inside a shape. PLEASE FIX IT!!!


Seeing the same issue - very frustrating. Please fix asap as I can’t use the product.


Same here, it’s really frustrating. I’ll have to redo a whole project in other tool cause I can’t send it to the client this way.

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Same exact annoying issue here. I create sketches/quick wireframes in FigJam and my whole project is now messed up. I had to attach text on empty shapes to make it look decent which took away a full day of work. Is there a way to have this bug fixed or should we start embracing it as a brand new amazing feature powered by Adobe?

Upping this. Same issue here, so frustrating!

I have exactly the same issue. Looks like the upper padding in boxes became bigger and doesn’t allow text to align vertically. And older boxes look fine, but when you’re trying to duplicate it the text just drops out of the box.

Do Figma employees post on this board? Has there been any indication of when/if a fix will be implemented?

Hey All,

Sorry for the delayed reply! The forum is primarily managed by the community. Our team has confirmed that this is a bug, and we’re currently tracking all reports to hopefully get a fixed pushed soon.

If you haven’t already, please submit a bug report from the email associated with your Figma account and any specific details to our support team directly via the form here:

Thanks for the reply @dvaliao! I’m happy to submit a report, get a fix, and start using figjam again :smiley:

I actually did submit a bug ticket. But the rep says he cannot reproduce it:/

Looks like this issue has been resolved with a recent update. Works for me now

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Glad to hear that, @alec_brewster!

Our team recently pushed a fix. Please do let us know if anyone continue to run into issues after refreshing your tabs.

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