Smooth scrolling in Prototype with mouse

I’ve just moved from Macbook to Windows desktop for Figma, and the prototype scrolling is awful.

On Macbook with the Trackpad, when I scroll through the pages in my prototype, it’s a smooth, seamless scroll. With my mouse on Windows Desktop however, the prototype scrolls in awful huge steps from each scroll increment of the mouse wheel.

I screen record my prototypes in use, and it looked super clean and smooth on Macbook, but now I can’t record it on Windows desktop as it just looks visually jarring and clunky.

Its also hard when I’m trying to edit a prototype, every time I check it, it’s so hard to read and causes eye strain because of the scroll steps.

Holding “Ctrl” + dragging with left mouse button makes it smooth, but there should be an option to do this without having to hold “Ctrl”. (Similarly to the other issue with mouse functionality I’ve seen posted here by many frustrated users, about how the mouse wheel doesn’t zoom in on the canvas unless you hold “Ctrl”.) Not to mention it’s also terrible for accessibility.

Why is there no smooth scroll for mouse?

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Current workaround is to click and drag

I think Figma devs can easily add a scroll type option, it will boost the prototype preview when presenting the product to a client or even for the designer to feel good about his work, plus, the click and drag method lacks intuitivity and no one would feel like using it continiously :worried:


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