Shortcut to publish library and automatically update files

My team and I are currently having the inconvenience of having to publish our library every single time we make even a small change (like a font size increase, color change, etc.) and then switching to the working file and manually updating the library. Due to the nature of the project we do this quite frequently and having to publish – switch file – update every single time to see the changes in our designs turns out very time consuming if you add it up.

It would be amazing if Figma could integrate a shortcut for automatically updating a library and automatically updating the files it is being used on (like a cmmd+S shortcut!), of course not everybody might want to have this so it would also be nice to be able to turn this shortcut on and off.


This is bugging me too. I can see thee value is huge organizations but for a small shop wanting to do things right, its a waste of time. Wish I could select autopublish. Thanks!


Yes I could not agree more! I am actually the only designer on my team, but I like to centralize my design system. So I’m constantly publishing updates to myself, and going through this whole process! Haha. It is annoying.


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  1. Right now the publication flow is very long and heavy, even for small updates.
  1. Alt+3, 2) Publish 3) Publish 4) Switch file 5) Review 6) Update
  1. A solution would be to offer a “Quick Publish” option for files.
    Hit Alt+Maj+3, everything is published, and files that depend on the library update automatically.

Autopublish please :pray:


Designers will hunt you down the first time you force-push an update that breaks their overrides.

What I would love to see, because it’s risk-free, is the ability to force-push updates to component descriptions. Sometimes it’s helpful to edit your instructions or to insert new keywords, but getting designers to accept updates on a component - even when it’s literally no risk to their designs - can be difficult.

That’s why I proposed this feature to be optional for a team project because not everybody would like to open their files and see things changed


This should be optional on a per-user basis. We have a complex app and it’s maddening to do this from tens to dozens of times per day. Not expected in a power tool.

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Also agree! The workflow is too long. I need a way to auto-publish library changes and have those changes be automatically reflected in the file i’m using the library in.


Users don’t get updated, files do. So it would likely have to be a per-file basis.

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Yes!! This is driving me crazy having to make a small change in my design system file, publish, swap to design file, update, and all over again if it’s not right.


I would love to have the option to autopublish components and styles. It would save me so much time and energies.
I’m the only designer in the company so I don’t need to approve other people’s components.

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Even a plugin would be enough!

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Need this too!

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Please figma, this would add massive value. It should be an option that can turned on and off.

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Please add this feature to Figma!

If you update the assets and you want to deploy them. So you should be able to do it with keyboard shortcuts. If you press the key ctrl+r you should get a preview with enter you can confirm it. If you want to publish it directly without preview, then press the keys ctrl+shift+r.

If you receive an update, you can confirm it with enter.

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I’ m for ctrl+r because it is already in the browser like this