Set variables value to a formula

My eCommerce prototype contains 3 prices that change based on the user’s choices: monthly price, total price and RRP. Each of these prices is set to a variable, which updates based on the interaction.

Currently to update the 3 prices each choice has to trigger 3 conditions (e.g. if user chooses option A then ‘Total price’=100, ‘Monthly price’=‘Total price’ ÷ 12 and ‘RRP’=‘Total price’ + 10.

It would save a lot of time if I could set these relations in the variables values themselves (e.g. ‘Monthly price’=Total price ÷ 12 and ‘RRP’=‘Total price’ + 10). This would mean that each choice would only need to update the ‘Total price’ and the ‘Monthly price’ and ‘RRP’ would update automatically.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Josh_Mitchell!

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