Calculation formula within variable input

Hey folks, first of all I love the new variable function. Within the setup of spacings I want to reference my base value (“8”) and do calculations, e.g. (spacing-base)*2". This works fine and the value is calculated properly within the input to add a new variable. But I expected not that the calculation string changes to the absolute value. With this behaviour I loose the connection/ reference to my base value and the calculation is some how obsolete.

Does anybody feel the same?
Will there be an update?




I would appretiate this feature as well!
Scaling items depending on values is one thing I’m working most of the times.

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Yeah, It would be great to add calc() function to variables definitions similar to CSS including numbers, colors, and booleans

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It will be great to be able to create REM.


My eCommerce prototype contains 3 prices that change based on the user’s choices: monthly price, total price and RRP. Each of these prices is set to a variable, which updates based on the interaction.

Currently to update the 3 prices each choice has to trigger 3 conditions (e.g. if user chooses option A then ‘Total price’=100, ‘Monthly price’=‘Total price’ ÷ 12 and ‘RRP’=‘Total price’ + 10.

It would save a lot of time if I could set these relations in the variables values themselves (e.g. ‘Monthly price’=Total price ÷ 12 and ‘RRP’=‘Total price’ + 10). This would mean that each choice would only need to update the ‘Total price’ and the ‘Monthly price’ and ‘RRP’ would update automatically.


I am looking forward to this as well. It would be super handy and save a lot of time when rescaling things if you could use the variables on things like corner radii.

+1 being able to multiply spacing values by a base variable would save a lot of manual effort

+1 for this. Need this for things like base values and REM, and would also be handy for proportional resizing.

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I would like to change radius, and inner radiuses based on a single number. (Mainradius-2)

+1 Would love this feature as well!

+1 from me for defining one variable as the result of a calculation of one or more other variables.

I would also like the ability to apply calculations anywhere a variable can be assigned. Essentially, the flip side to assigning calculations to variable definitions is that instead of requiring multiple variables, one for each calculation, you could have a few base variables and then specify any calculation using them where you need to.

For example, if you have two layers, X & Y, which need to have opposite visibility (i.e. if one is shown/hidden, the other is hidden/shown) I could create Boolean “x-is-visible”, and then apply “x-is-visible” to X and “not x-is-visible” to Y. Otherwise you’d need two variables to accomplish the same thing.


+1 Need this feature to be able to create easy customisable design system

+1 I agree

+1000 we def need this asap. I am trying to set up a pretty large library that will be shared across many lines of business, they all have and want different things like spacing, padding, and corners plus we want to add controls for density which a multiplier would be perfect for e.g. #base-spacing*1.5

+1 for this. Very nice feature to have :+1:

+1 from me, too

+1 one more vote for this!!!

To actually properly support measurement tokens, this is essential.

+1 one more vote for this.

any status on this feature?