Selective Activation of New Component Element: Need Help with Master Component and Instance Settings

I’m currently facing a challenge related to selectively activating a new element within a component in Figma. Here’s the scenario: I have an existing component that is widely used across my design. Recently, I added a new element to the master component that I want to keep in the “true” state, allowing me to see it within the master component itself.

However, I would like this new element to be initially set to “false” in all component instances, enabling me to manually activate it only in specific instances where it’s required. Unfortunately, any changes made to the master component automatically reflect in all instances, and I haven’t found a way to override this behavior to achieve the desired selective activation.

I’m seeking advice from the Figma community on potential solutions or workarounds for this issue. Is there a way to maintain the new element’s visibility in the master component while keeping it hidden or deactivated in all instances, allowing me to manually activate it on a case-by-case basis?

Thank you all for your expertise and assistance. I look forward to your insights and suggestions.


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