Searchable HEX colour

My team has a lot of Colour styles, and sometimes it’s hard to find a particular swatch.
Also, Figma sometimes ‘unlink’ the style and the colour. Having the ability to use the search field inside Colour styles to filter HEX codes would be amazing and a time saver.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Sara_Martinez!

We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration. Be sure to also vote up top, so we can get an accurate gauge of community interest! :point_up:

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When searching a color library, only the names of color styles are searched. But, the hex color codes should also be searched. For example, if I have a color style named “Logo 1A” with the value #3A6C79, and I search for “Logo”, I see the color come up. But if I search for “3A6”, it does not. I think it should.

Hi @Thomas_Nabelek, Thanks for sharing your thought on color searching by HEX. I completely understand the usefulness of this!
I’ve merged your topic with an existing feature request from others in the community to have all the thoughts in one place.
We’re really interested in seeing the community’s reaction to this. Please don’t forget to vote up your idea!