Scrollable content in an overlay displaying incorrectly

I have built a modal with a fixed header and footer and the content in between is scrollable.

My issue in the prototype is that when the Overlay opens the scrollable content in the middle is loading at the bottom. Why doesn’t it just default to the top? Is it an alignment or constraints issue?

I don’t have any auto layout set to the scrollable content and everything else seem to be fine but in the prototype it WILL NOT ‘load’ with the content in the correct position. ie: the top of the page!

Any ideas? Thanks.

You probably need to set the correct overlay position.

Well, no I don’t think that it is. I am building in desktop format, and I have the Overlay position set to centre which is what I want, and it shows up in the centre of the page like it should.

The header and Footer on the Overlay are locked. But it’s the content in between!! it loads at the bottom. As if I had already scrolled all the way down inside the modal. See below.
The content is orange and the the modal is contained within the black. It is loading at the bottom when I “Open Overlay” and subsequently “Swap Overlay” to the next steps. I just want it to display where it should at the TOP of the content

Could you share a link to an example file?