Scripts not updating!


This is very frustrating and I have double checked but using conditionals and variable “actions” seems to be extremely buggy.

I originally set up a series of components to have a set of behaviors when clicked, in a later iteration I decided to change this behavior to a new set of conditionals when clicked.

Now when I compile them some are updated with the new behavior but many are not. It is like the compile just doesn’t realize that the actions have been changed.

Is there a way to force it to do a full recompile.

On a further note this “amazing new set of features” is so Flash MX Actions circa 2004!! I cannot believe we are back where we were 20 years ago and everyone thinks this is progress. When will you just bite the bullet and expose the DOM and introduce JavaScript???

Sorry rant over :wink:

PS I cannot share the file. Security and IP etc. as working in corporate environment.

Hi @Philip_Hodges ,
Sorry to hear you are having trouble! It looks buggy, would you be able to share a copy of your file directly to the support team? (and not here in the Forum publicly) It will help us to investigate further.
If possible, be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

@Celine_Figma Thanks for the reply but I doubt I will be able to share examples. I can try and recreate the issues in draft files and share those but to be honest there seem to be so many bazaar bugs with the latest release, especially around variable usage and conditionals it is difficult to know where to start.

They seem to have no logic to them. For example last night, when I left, I had variable setting working fine to switch a component instance, this morning it has stopped working with no obvious reason why. Either I am doing something fundamentally wrong or this release is so messed up.

If I am doing something wrong it should be more intuitive to try and resolve the issue however without any debugging capabilities to see what is going on under the hood it is also difficult to know how to progress when things just stop working for no apparent reason.

Have lost so much time since the knew release trying to work with these new features but feel I need to make the decision to just ignore them until they have been debugged properly.

Shame that commercial suppliers feel it is acceptable to get paying customers to debug their product.

If someone wants to contact me directly I can show them examples over a screen share but sorry, cannot share files.

When Figma compile the demo is it retaining the visual tree structure or is it flattening/optimizing everything? i.e. are variables, components etc. properly scoped or do identifiers need to be treated like global variables and be unique.

Have noticed that the interactive click areas often get disassociated with the actual component that they are attached when, especially when there is scrolling involved, which kind of implies there is a single flat interactive layer.

The issue I mentioned above the switching functionality seems to work when I click somewhere else randomly in the frame…


Thank you for sharing these details!
I understand that it is frustrating to have various bugs happening at the same time. As the features are very new, we’re still currently working to improve them. Please feel free to submit a file with a screenshot video and/or recreate the issues in draft files when you have an issue. That would help our support team to investigate further. Thank you, and we appreciate your collaboration.

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