Scaling a line disables ability to add points

Possible bug? I’ve found that if I scale a line out of view, the ability to add a point fails. I get all the right mouse visual feedback, plus sign etc but end up with a new vector.

Video demonstrates what I’m experiencing. Fix is to resize the line, add a point and then scale back out…

Hi @Darrell_White I’ve checked this from my end but were unable to reproduce the same issue you are seeing. Are you also seeing the same issue in the browser?

Here I’m trying in the browser, and still the same type of experience

And here I thought I’d take a crack and using the latest version of the App. I did not that on a straight line, I had no issues. I tried reducing the size of the handles to see if that made a difference and sadly it didn’t…

Hi @Darrell_White thank you for those additional videos. After some further testing I was able to reproduce this issue and have passed it along to our engineering team.