Save multiple files locally - 2023

I have a bunch of files that I need to transfer to a new FIgma account. The only method, apparently, is to save locally each file, one by one, and then import them into the new one. It is a tedious, time-consuming task, though. I saw previous responses for this question in this forum, the option to create a new start team, share with both accounts and duplicate the files there. However, I believe this option is outdated, since the start team only allows 3 files.

Is there any other way? Some plugin, maybe? I think it’s kinda baffling that I can import multiple files at once, easily by dagging them into the window, but there’s seems to be no easy way to save/export multiple files at once. This is what sounds to me as a design flaw.

If there’s anyone who knows a workaround, please share.

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I was looking for something similar as well, but I couldn’t find anything that would export the projects. This limitation may be intentional.

An alternative method would be to invite the new account to the old one, and make it owner over projects, then remove the old one from the new one.

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