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'save local copy' stuck at 'Downloading images and saving...'

‘save local copy’ stuck at ‘Downloading images and saving…’
I have a design of just 11 frames. no prototyping, no effects, just design/layout.
but as the title says, it’s stuck just like that. I really need a local copy and I’ve been trying for more than 2 weeks now.
I’ve successfully saved local copies of other designs before, some of which had more frames than this one.
I’ve also tried cleaning up the design, removing hidden layers, flattening some of the gifts to a bare minimum. I also tried moving the frames to a brand new file/document. still no luck.
also, there’s no plugin required for this file. again, purely just texts/images/frames, etc. and like 1 or 2 components.
I use the figma desktop app mostly on my Windows 10. latest updates. but I also tried saving using Figma in browser. Still the same issue.
see my screenshot: 'save local copy' stuck at 'Downloading images and saving...' - Album on Imgur

Have you tried duplicating the file and trying this in a copy? Also I’m always curious, why do you need local copy? Asking because a lot of people use this feature when they don’t really have to.

Yes I also tried duplicating and starting from that. Still the same issue.

And to answer your curiosity, it’s because several people have access to the design, and to keep the integrity of my ‘snapshots’, I also keep local copies just in case people delete or edit the version history, etc… It’s for my personal safekeeping and files management.

Got it. In this case it seems like a bug and probably only Figma support will be able to help. Send a report and a link to the file to Figma support team via the support request form or

Your use-case makes sense, however both of your points are somewhat wrong (not really wrong, I just don’t know what other word to use here, sorry):

  • Version history being edited: you can’t edit it. Even if someone restores an older version, the current one will be saved as a new version and you will be able to restore it easily.
  • Safekeeping: keeping .fig files for a long time is not a great idea. They are only good for temporary backups. E.g. files that you saved about 3-4 months ago probably won’t open in the current version of Figma as things get changed and updated. Yes, it probably be ok for a week or even a month, but I won’t advise to keep them for longer than that.

already submitted a bug report. thanks.

and thanks for clarifying about version history. will take note of that. I just hope figma will find a way to accept old .fig files and update them accordingly.

Anyway, thanks. Cheers.

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Hello Wilson
I am having the same issue right now and please update here when your issue got resolved so I can also benefit from this guidelines.

I’m having the same issue.

Sadly there’s no resolution yet. :face_with_head_bandage: