Respect Size Constraints in Auto Layout

On the dimensions of an object you can constrain the height and width so that if one changes the other proportionately does so. When these objects are in an auto layout, however, this constraint isn’t respected and the width and height won’t maintain the same aspect ratio. If the object is set to fill horizontally or fill vertically, it won’t scale properly.

I’d like the constraint set on the layers panel to be respected when objects resize in an auto-layout.


I DESPERATELY need this answered as well

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Hi there, Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
I will bring this up with our internal team and we will consider it for future improvements.

In the mean time, there might be a plugin in our community that meets your requirements. Here are examples, but feel free to explore plugins on your own:

Also, I found something similar from the community members here: "Constrain proportions" should actually constrain proportions
Feel free to check!

Thank you,

yes, please. thank you

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Hey y’all, duplicating this comment on a few different issues. This plugin has successfully solved the problem for me: