"Constrain proportions" should actually constrain proportions

Right now, it is not possible to make a square frame that resizes via parent frame. It always distorts into a rectangle.

Even with “constrain proportions” toggle selected, it does not constrain the proportions. To make matters even worse, the toggle only “works” when changing the numeric fields of height/width, which then breaks snap-to-pixel-grid. But then when holding shift and dragging a corner of the frame, it constrains proportions and maintains the snap-to-pixel grid functionality.

I believe a toggle/option in the constraints panel (example: width = fill container, height = maintain proportions) could do the trick.


Totally agree! :+1:

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Yes please. It just seems like it’s doing nothing right now. Would help immensely in doing responsive UI.


To me it’s happening the exact opposite. I want to deform the image and I can’t.

Wow. This is a weird behavior. I vote to have constrained to constrain. This is how other tools do it, if I am correct… so why doesn’t Figma?