"Reset all changes" resets to the original master component even when I've swapped in a different component

Intended, a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  • I created a “swap me” component to sit within a page shell component
  • I swapped in a local component with the desired content for the page
  • I modified the instance of my local page content component
  • I need to reset to the original version of my local component so I selected “reset all changes”
  • Figma resets it to the “swap me” placeholder instead of the local component I replaced it with.

In order to reset to the master of the local component with the intended page content, I have to re-swap the “swap me” component, which is tedious.

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Hey @Mollie, thanks for reaching out!

Sorry for the confusion and frustration, but this is currently expected behavior. We’ve merged your feedback with another existing feature request in the community.