Change “Reset all changes” without changing the modified text in the variants

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Hi all!

I would like to share with you this question with the community, as I have been researching a bit and found nothing. I saw someone shared before this question, but there was no answer and the feed is closed now. [Change "Reset all changes" to "Reset specific changes + drop down menu"](https://Link to the post). ----> Please, read this one for more info.

It would be great to hear if anyone has any trick that allows them to reset all changes, without reverting the text content to the original component one.

Any tricks or solutions that might be already in placed?

Thank you!


Since making that post I have come across something that I think addressed the original issue. Here’s a screenshot of a variant that has fill and stroke changes applied to it, and it can let you rest each individually.

Hope that helps!




This is super useful. Thanks for your quick reply and oppening the original discussion.

It’s good to see how this has been implemented :slight_smile:


Wasn’t aware of this function! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, however seems that capability is not present for all. How did you get that to display?

When I go to the menu icon, I only see to ‘Reset all changes’

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Same as here. I can only reset all changes or just fill and stroke… I wish the texts I inserted won’t go back to the dummy text :frowning:

That’s nice, but If I change stuff that isn’t stroke or fills that a bummer