Remove automatic link formatting when pasting email addresses and links

i know this has been posted before, but Figma really needs to address this issue. pasting an email address should not just format the existing text as a link with the new text as a destination. when creating prototypes with lots of dummy accounts, or even with real data, copying and pasting lots of emails becomes the hardest part of my day, and there are no key shortcuts either. i have to copy, then right click, paste to replace. or “copy as text.” it’s obnoxious, and frankly i don’t think anyone using Figma has ever needed a functional email link for a prototype, it’s not like we’re creating live products where someone might actually click the email link to send an email.

please fix this Figma, it’s infuriating and breaks the flow of creating prototypes. When basically every prototype i create for work requires a list of users and their contact information, it becomes a daily problem which destroys efficiency. at the very least, allow us to paste them without formatting using cmd+shift+V or something.


+1 – That feature unfortunately is really really annoying…


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