Random input of ˇ symbol when typing anywhere in Figma

There’s this bug in Figma, when you typing text to any text field, it inputs ˇ randomly, when you didn’t type it and it’s not needed. So you waste extra time to erase the symbol every time.

Also there’s no special category for Figma General Bugs on this forum, while General Discussion is too general imo.

Figma itself never inserts anything. Perhaps you are pressing some kind of shortcut that intercepts other software and inserts characters. Try closing other programs or changing their shortcuts that they intercept.

Bugs should be reported to Figma team, not to the community forum.

Nowadays this forum in the Figma menu is named «Support forum», so it got me confused, because I was expecting a bug report form with an answer from the team, not this. I guess your message is also a support in a way, because I’ve found that form and reported to the team after all :slight_smile:

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