Random autolayout properties change when editing content in instances


This is the second time now that I observe Figma changing resizing properties of instances of component that has children with “Fill container” applied. When going “into” the instance by clicking several times, for example to edit content, the child property gets reset to fixed size.

It’s obviously a bug because leaving focus and resizing the parent immediately sets the child back to its rightful property and size. That did not happen before.

See here a demo of the issue on a table component.

Anyone else experiencing this?

For a week now I am seeing some auto layout instances resize to fixed width randomly, but when editing text inside, then it goes back to fill container. After leaving the instance it again resizes to fixed width. Trying to change the setting manually does not work.

Next to it a toast with message is shown saying “Width set to fixed for “name of the component”, Donec sed odio dui. Integer osuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus d…”>

This only happens to me in one component - but in all instances that are being used. I restarted figma, I am using latest version.

Thank YOU! I have the same issue, posted here.
This gets annoying.

This is really a big one for me. Is this a simple bug? Should we wait for a fix?

Also having a lot of auto-layout bugs lately (filed a bug report already).

My basic issue is nested components with auto-layout no longer allow me to override their auto-layout.

current workaround: I now have to cycle through various auto-layout props on the main component to like ‘wake up’ figma and let me override it again on instances … essentially overriding the nested component in the main component first

This wouldn’t be a problem so much if it was always this way but now entire libraries are breaking because of this feature no longer working anymore (for me at least). Since I tend to want to be able to override auto-layout features on instances quite often (and have files already that have many overrides like this that now are broken).

Not sure what to do! I’ve been slowly doing this cycling trick on some of my components in my libraries and it does indeed fix it … but often this has unintended side effects like where children layers auto-layout props get auto swapped to something like fixed, when their parent has been cycled from hug to fill for example.

Having this exact same problem and it’s completely broken our design system.

For example, we use master components > child components for variants. That way, if we make a change to the master component, every single one of the variants gets the update. So for this example, let’s look at buttons. Previously, if we wanted to make a full-width button, you’d do the following:

  1. Drag in a button instance (which is a child of the master)
  2. Double-click to get to the lower level container
  3. Set the resizing to “Fill Container”
  4. click out to the outer container and resize as necessary

Now, when I try and change anything on these nested components, it automatically sets to “Fixed” no matter what is chosen and the whole thing is broken.

I can’t post the video or link because I’m new, but its easy enough to replicate.

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Same here.

And, funny enough it’s also on our buttons.

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