"Publish all preferred values" with hidden components

Hi there,
We have hidden components in a page called “_Blueprints” that are not published.

Then, we have a component with an instance swap property, which contains some of these hidden components as preferred value.

Logically, these are not published, so the users do not see the preferred values nor can find the components when they use our library.

I see the option “Publish all preferred values”, so I thought this was going to publish ONLY the components set as preferred value, can someone please confirm this?

It is unclear, as after clicking it, I can see the list of ALL the components that are hidden, (including the ones I want), and it says “These won’t be published”

On top of that, the “Publish” button is disabled.

I just don’t want to publish all hidden components, only the ones referred as preferred value, which shouldn’t be accessed when searching through the library…

Would love some help on this, I have seen a few similar topics but with no workaround… :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

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