Public "view only" prototypes allow any user to access Figma settings

When I share any prototype for testing externally, I create a view only link that allows unauthenticated users access. However, when I do this, these participants are able to access the figma UI by clicking the ESC key. This allows them to access and change any of the option menu settings and see other people who are also viewing the prototype (a major privacy and security risk). Is this the expected behavior or a bug? Is there a way to “lock” the prototype from this kind of tampering? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the quick response. However, even with those settings enabled and in incognito mode, I can still hit the ESC key and bring up the UI. I want to ensure that the participant can only see the prototype and none of the options. Is that possible?

I don’t remember the Esc key being able to invoke Figma UI, but the Figma team may have changed something. So, as an alternative, I can only suggest embedding a prototype iframe in your site.

The iframe code should look something like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src=";"></iframe>

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