Hello Figma, I’m having a problem and I’m not sure how to classify it, I wanna make a website for a coffee shop and I put some pictures and I want when the mouse is on the pictures they become larger I did that but the picture does not come larger in the same position that the actual picture is in, it become larger to the right like it moves it position and I tried everything in the prototyping settings and it didn’t work and I search on YouTube for this problem and here in the community and I still didn’t find it, if anyone know what is the problem please help…

Is there a way to make zoom in on hover effect for images? - #5 by tank666.

no this is not what I mean

If the example above is not what you need, then what do you mean?

I will explain my project precisely and the problem I am facing. I want to add some images to the first frame, and when the user hovers the mouse over the image, it should enlarge to appear wider. I have implemented this, but the images enlarge at a location other than the original image location; they do not enlarge in the center. I chose to keep them fixed, but they do not change. I hope you understood what I mean and if don’t, I can take a screenshot to show you the issue.