🆕 Prototypers, discover 15+ improvements and new features come to prototyping 🚀

:new: Make your best design ideas feel real, faster with 15+ updates to prototyping, along with other new features in Figma that will help you simplify your workflows!

See below for the full list and check out our Help Center articles to have more information.

:sparkles: Device Frames :sparkles:

:sparkles: Editing Speed Improvements :sparkles:

  • Copy and Paste / Delete Noodles: When noodles are selected, a user can copy and paste the noodle (and the associated interaction) to a different element. They can also delete the noodle (and the associated interaction). Learn more
  • Drag to delete starting point: By dragging the “flow label” outside of the frame, a user can quickly delete it. Learn more
  • Disable shortcuts: Turning off “Enable Figma Shortcuts” now disables all shortcuts on a prototype (not just the navigation shortcuts). Learn more
  • Allow Zeroes: A user can now set the width or height values to 0
  • Enable Multiple “After Delay”: After delay can now be set on events on every node and not just on top-level frames. Now, a user can have more than one “enable after delay” on a frame. Learn more
  • “Change to” on a nested variant: A user can now use the “change to” interaction on a nested variant, where the interaction will change the parent component variant. Learn more on Prototype actions and Create interactive components with variants
  • Auto-exit scale: Figma auto-exits the scale tool when clicking the into the prototyping tab.
  • Copy link of selected flow: A new copy link icon/button has been added next to the flow label in the properties panel so users can share links to a specific flow within a file. Learn more
  • Resize to actual size: If no device frame is enabled, a user can now resize the inline preview of a prototype to the actual size of the previewed prototype. If a device frame is enabled, the inline preview can resize to the size of the device. Learn more
  • Auto-focus fields: When a user creates a new flow, the input is auto-focused immediately so that you can start typing its name.

:sparkles: Prototyping with variables :sparkles:

  • Copy and Paste Local variables: When copy and pasting an element with a local variable bound to it, Figma will create a collection with the new, copied variable so it can be used freely in the new file. Learn more
  • Inherit Modes: Overlays now inherent the mode of the frame linking to them
  • Negate a boolean: A user can now use “!” or “not” in a boolean conditional check, rather than check “true” or “false”. Learn more
  • Negative numbers: Negative numbers can now be used in the expression builder. Learn more
  • Bind Strings to visibility: In addition to binding booleans, a user can now bind string values “true” or “false” to component instance visibility. Learn more on: Apply variables to designs and Overview of variables, collections, and modes

:sparkles: Performance Improvements :sparkles:

  • Prototyping performance has also improved, now with 22% less spinners in key use cases

please make “change to” option for nested layers, the same way as you do this for swap instance menu. let me select layer in prototype mode, than make interaction, and select “change to” trigger, after it, select layer from swap instance menu

it can make work easier and it may make fewer variants, i will just make every layer that i want to change by trigger on any layer in any variant set or just simple layer, than “change to”> swap instance menu, choose variant i want to trigger (inside one component set) and animation for it (the same as it work inside anyone variant set). without making a lot of variants with swap property option, and all nested layers or variants from another variant set will change to another variant from variant set, where swapped instance from.

Copying and pasting local variables does not seem to be working consistently for me. I have one project in particular that contains 24 variables in 5 different collections, all of which are bound to elements in the project. When copying these bound elements and pasting into new projects, none of the variables appear in the local variables panel of the new project. I’ve tested this in browser as well as the Mac desktop app updated to the latest version.

Hey @Eric_Romanik ,
Welcome to the community and sorry to hear you are having issue to copy and paste local variables. This looks buggy. It would be great to check / replicate your issue directly with a copy of your file.

Feel free to reach out directly to the support team when the issue occurs by filling this form: here Our team can investigate it further.
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a quick video recording, a link to the file, and share it with support-share@figma.com, so we can take a closer look. Thank you!