Prototype not loading in Google Chrome

Hi guys! I have a problem with my prototype in figma. I just open the prototype in figma and it works fine but when I open it in chrome it doesn’t load. This happens only in Chrome because I have opened it in other web browsers like edge and internet explore and it works perfectly. Can anybody help me?

I was able to fix it. For those who have the same problem, just go to the chrome url section and type chrome://flags and search for Choose ANGLE graphics backend and select OpenGL And it’s fixed.


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I’d add one thing to the fine instructions in this thread about changing setting to OpenGL at “chrome://flags” address.

Initially, I only quit Chrome, and re-opened - to no avail. Use the “Relaunch” button that appears when you change the default value to OpenGL. Little detail - big, positive result!

Also note the granular detail regarding this Chrome setting. “Metal” value configuration is currently experimental and possibly (probably?) buggy, but config will replace the OpenGL config on Mac in the future when it is “fully released”.

So - be a bit forewarned!

This fix with the chrome://flags and OpenGL isn’t working for me. Is anyone else having this issue still?

Yes, still having the issue here as well. The solution described above didn’t work for me either.

I still have this issue. The solution above didn’t work for me either :frowning: