Prototype NOT Handling Hidden Layers Correctly

Hello! I’m encountering some remarkably irritating behavior in a Figma prototype I’m working on. I have a variant component that is comprised of two other variant components to manage content with expand/collapse accordion style behavior. When the accordion style component is expanded there may be 1-7 rows of nested content. I built a component with 8 rows, expecting I could hide what I don’t need.

I’ve used the component properties panel, in addition to showing/hiding and locking layers, to ensure all the states are setup correctly in the design and prototype interactions. However, when I play the prototype, Figma ignores the locked, hidden layer state management work. I thought it was a caching issue, so I restarted Figma (since there isn’t a manual way to force the cache to clear… that I’m aware of). After restarting I found Figma decided to revert an hour of show/hide state management prototyping work and just “show all”.

Anyway, does anyone know how to force Figma to respect hidden layers when building various interactive states with variant components using the prototyping tools?

What I absolutely should NOT be forced to do is build dozens of additional variant components to force the appropriate row count. I’ve seen many designers attempt to mitigate the issue I’m running into by taking this course of action. Basically they build a variant for 1 row, 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, 7 rows, 8 rows, etc. However, that is idiotic. If Figma’s prototype tools work as conveyed in their user interface, and they respected hidden layers across interactions and component states, then neither I nor any other designer should be forced to waste time building overly complex variants to handle differences in content (i.e. 1-8 rows of nested content).

Also, Figma, increase the file size limitation for uploads. 8 megabytes… seriously?!

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