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Prototype crashes after loading on iPhone, how to fix this?

Hi all,

When I try to view a prototype on my iPhone, it starts loading but after a while it suddenly crashes and shows an error: ‘a problem has occurred repeatedly’. See the attached video.

  • This happens on other iPhone devices as well with this prototype. Other prototypes do work on my iPhone.
  • Maybe an issue with the amount of screens in the file? I created a new file, copied all the screens to this new file; same error occurd. I removed 90% of all the screens and the prototype works. Pressed CMD + Z got all the screens back and same error occurs.
  • All software is up to date.
  • Tried every prototype setting in Figma, but no luck.
  • Removed cookies and other data on Safari iPhone browser.
  • Using an Enterprise account.

Has anyone a clue what I can do to solve this? Need this to work on my phone for user testing.

Thanks in advance,


This is a huge and extremely frustrating problem on Figma, we have wasted $1000’s of dollars on recruitment when trying to remote usability test figma prototypes just to have the paid participant not be able to use it. If your doing it in person the answer is to use Figma mirror on your iphone, it will work well and give you added control to the user testing session.


+1 This is a big problem. The same in the desktop browser Safari

I have the same problem

I have the same problem :frowning:
Test device: iPhone 8

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Since this issue I’ve had contact with Figma support and their only solution is to reduce the file size. My file was crashing because it was consuming a lot of memory (I had a lot of hidden layers and component/auto-layout structures).

Would love to see this issue fixed, because now it costs me double the work while using auto layout and other stuff while it should reduce my efforts…

p.s. disabling the interactive components feature also helped a lot


Not sure why but it actually works well on Android than on iPhone. I have experienced the problems before and usually when open on iPhone, it kept crashing and needed to reload. However on Android there was no problem at all.

So if you do usability test with Figma protoype, you can do it on Android for now

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Also having this issue, I wish I noticed or tested this on the device before spending days on a prototype. :hot_face:

Same issue here. Please resolve this.