Prototype bug - My prototypes flick between random screens when Interactive components are turned on

I have quite a big file with many components in use for table cells, buttons, form elements etc, and have been using Interactive components for link / button hover states, check boxes etc.

My prototypes were working well until the last update. Now during random parts of the flow, my prototype randomly jumps between a series of screens, making the prototype unusable.

I went though all pages & elements, checking I didn’t have any stray ‘hover’ or ‘after delay’ actions in place and they were not any. I did however notice that some flows were fixed, by changing some duplicate frame names I had. The issue would however, pop up elsewhere in the flow and could not be fixed by adding unique frame names.

The only thing that stopped the bug, was when I turned off ‘Interactive components’ for the prototype. The prototype then worked fine after that (minus my micro interactions).

Bit of a strange bug, but thought i’d share for investigation.


I have the same problem! :sob: :sob:
Only works when disabling interactive components… which sucks because now I have to do the whole prototype again without it.

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I have this same problem. Often, if I close Figma, then reopen it, the prototype will work properly. But either way, this is a bug that should be resolved.

Thanks @Liz_Hixon.

I also tried this too, but without any success. Even tried rebooting my laptop.
As you say, I hope this is something they can fix soon!

Hi @Paul_Lyons @Ray_Zaranza @Liz_Hixon - thanks for the bug report! That sounds like a regression - if possible, could you share a file or prototype link with me via DM? You can make sure I have access by inviting me in the sharing settings by email (

If you can reproduce the bug, a video recording of it would also be very helpful so we know exactly where to look. Thank you!

@Andrew_Chan here’s a video I took the other day. I can’t share the file per NDA, but I hope you’re able to pinpoint the bug. Thanks.

The same problem. It just started overnight. Moreover, it looks as if by clicking on the space bar and moving to the next frame. By removing some links, I reduced the number of screens that are involved in the prototype and this affected which frame opens on click

Hi @Andrew_Chan ,

I also cannot share the file due to the NDA, but have emailed you a video showing the bug.
If you need anything else, please let me know.

Same problem here, lot of links on my prototype randomly sends me to different screens not linked to the pressed component. @Andrew_Chan I’ve sent u an invitation as editor, so u can check the problem. The only page in the file where I used interactive components is the last one named “:bulb:SvaGo”. Thanks for ur support!

Quick update: thanks everyone for your patience on this - we pushed a tentative fix for this today. Please let me know if the problem continues to occur.

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Thanks @Andrew_Chan,

The issues seems to have gone for me right now. I’ll let you know if it re-occurs, but so far all good.

Thank you for looking at this so quickly!

Thanks @Andrew_Chan ,

looks good here too with the new version. I’ll keep you updated if it re-occurs.

Thank you again and have a nice day :wink:

Hi @Andrew_Chan ,
It happened I encountered this bug too. How can I manage to fix this? It’s still unresolved for me.

I added you to project. The main issue is in the area of frame 136 and all his frame family.

Thanks, sincerely Francesco

I’m having the same issue, unresolved

same problem here, when I try to sweep between buttons and I make a loop to come back and start again Figma loses it, even the buttons that have no prototype connection will act as another variant connection, or the data of will change to it’s last stand, it’s a crazy bug

I had it too! i got the weird flickering between screens.

I’ve noticed the same thing. Though I think i’ve managed to track down part of the issue, it seems to return to the variant that was on the previous “page”.

So for example I have an interactive component that switches the text inside two inputs when clicked and has a search button that will take you to the respective frame with data for that input. But here’s the flow with the bug

  1. All blank inputs
  2. Click input 1 and then search. Input 1 data displays and input 1 has the correct text.
  3. Click input 2 and then search. Input 2 data displays and input 2 has the correct text.
  4. Click input 1 and then search. Input 1 data displays, but the input 2 has text.
  5. Click search while input 2 text visible. Input 2 data displays, but input 1 now has the text.
  6. Click search while input 1 text visible. Input 1 data displays, but input 2 now has the text.

Can repeat steps 5 and 6 infinitely.

So the search itself is working correctly, as it brings back the correct data from the input. But it seems like the variant is switching back and forth between frames. It even gets a bit messier with three inputs haha


I have this exact same problem.
If I duplicate a frame and create a separate Flow starting point one or 2 frames from the previous interaction point it was created from will interfere with new flow even though the frames are not connected.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

I’m using Figma Mirror on iPad and experiencing this - it’s skipping over 2 or 3 pages in the prototype in quick succession. The only way to fix it seems to be to use a ‘mouse up’ interaction with 2ms delay, instead of ‘on click’.

This problem doesn’t happen when using the prototype on my laptop, just Mirror.

We’re using interactive components but like others say, it would be a huge amount of work to replace them now.

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We’re running a prototype on iPad and it’s jumping all over the place between screens. This happens w/ or w/out interactive components turned on. Anyone know this bug or have a workaround? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and tried two diff iPads. It works perfectly in Figma desktop and on an iPhone running iOS 14

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