Prototype animations are choppy and weird

Hey guys,
For some reason, Figma prototype animations look weird, they look like a buggy 1980’s video game. On smart animate some shadows, which don’t have any animations whatsoever on them appear and disappear, like a blink, strokes animate weirdly and glitchy, creating that unwanted blink effect which looks like a buggy app.
Anyone else have those problems?

Actually I just noticed that strokes don’t even animate, they just disappear and appear at the start and end of the animation. Can’t believe Figma behaves like this, very dissapointing.

Hey @Cristian_Banu, thank you for reaching out! I understand your frustration, apologies for the disruption to your work!

Are you seeing any error message on your end? Is it happening in the browser, desktop app or both?

Can you clear out the cache. Here are some information to troubleshoot: 1

Also please try to force-quit and open Figma in a new browser window (or force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it.)

The most common reason for prototype performance issues is the file’s memory limitations. At the moment, the workaround for prototypes not loading or loading with problems is to reduce the overall memory of the Figma file. This should help with any prototypes, regardless of the device or operating systems. Tips on reducing memory can be found here: Reduce memory usage in files.

Please try out the steps indicated in the Help Article and if you still run into any issues feel free to send a copy of your file and invite directly as an editor (this won’t affect your billing at all).

Thank you in advance!

I’m having this same issue on all prototypes. It maybe started 6 months ago. I tried bringing a simple prototype into a new file and it is still happening. Text and icons jump around, both interactions inherited from components and interactions added directly to the screens. This is happening on both my prototypes and others. Multiple devices, multiple organizations.