Problem exporting individual frame/ layer

Hi Figma community,
I love Figma but am encountering an issue that I haven’t had before. I was always able to export individual frame into PNG using the “export…” tool, today, when I tried to do the same for one frame, the black background color wasn’t included, I figured maybe i needed to add a shape to it rather than just filling the background, so I added a square with the color fill and tried to export but the black background color still didn’t show. Why is this happening? I made sure that the background is part of the layer.
Apparently I can only put one image here, so here is the export image, however, the image i’m working on is square and there is a black background behind this

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 12.17.57 PM

A question to clarify and hopefully help with:
Is this black square in the same frame? Export works by frames

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As @Lisa_Lessenger mentioned, the layer not being part of the frame is the most common mistake.

You can however also edit the settings for the frame export to include any intersecting layers that are not part of the frame. Just uncheck ignore overlapping layers.


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