Problem Exporting images. Figma says "Downloading images" and keeps there without exporting


I am having an issue while exporting comps in Figma.
I am trying to export just one comp and Figma says “Downloading images 0/42” when actually there is not even one image and keeps saying that without exporting.
Screenshot attached.
I tried to install again the desktop app and also export the comp in the Figma browser and still the same issue.
Anyone knows how can I solve this issue please? I have to deliver so many comps and this is driving me crazy.

Thank you very much in advance.


I’m experiencing exactly the same thing since yesterday evening. Seems like a Figma bug but not sure where to report it. I’m a new user, so I thought I might be doing something wrong. :confused:


Same here. It’s been happening for a couple of months on and off. Super frustrating considering we pay for the service.

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You can copy your materials to new “Design file” in Figma and export from there
Helped me

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or you can use DOWNSIZE plugin on that page and then it would be faster

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Thanks everyone for your answers. Not sure either where we can report this issue to Figma developers. It keeps happening on and off. Copying and pasting is a good temporary solution for a single image but it can be really frustrating when you need to export hundreds of assets.