Private Comment

Hi, I’m not sure how this community work.
But I have a small idea and I’m open to your thoughts

So, my idea is to make private comments. I don’t know about you, but I like to leave comments for myself, just leave my thoughts (or other goals), in the way that I like. At this moment I always need to remember, that people will see them.

Hmm, just notice, a similar topic, but otherwise, I still want to create this topic

If you don’t like this idea or don’t see the advantages, please share your thoughts

Or leave a plus, if you loveeee it

Have you considered using the “See No Sticky!” widget for hidden notes/comments?

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yeah, but that’s not what I want

I want easy (with shortcut) left comments on a certain place (like comments work) and don’t make a lot of moves to open them, and hide in one click

I can’t put a bunch of stickers on top of the frame

But thanks to reply :purple_heart:

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